RAFT Restorative Actions for Transformation

Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD)

A Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) is a facilitated dialogue between a young offender and the victim(s) of his/her actions. It happens after court sentencing or in cases that fall outside of the court system and it may or may not involve supportive adults and family members. This conversation allows for the young person to take responsibility for his/her actions in a personal way and for the victim to give voice to impact.

After hearing how the victim has been affected, the VOD allows the young person to try and make amends in a way that is meaningful to both parties.

It was a mending of my heart, and it’s fine, I’m OK now. It’s a huge process, but after I went through it all, I’m just so glad I had the opportunity.

– Victim of an armed robbery who participated in a VOD





Collaborating Organizations

Calgary Youth Probation/City of Calgary Mennonite Central Committe (MCC) Carya