RAFT Restorative Actions for Transformation

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


Restorative Actions for Transformation (RAFT) is a collaboration that is committed to restorative practices as a way of repairing the relationships among young people who have committed offenses, those they have harmed and the community.


The vision of RAFT is that all young people within Youth Criminal Justice System in Calgary have the opportunity to participate in a restorative justice process.


  • Conflict is an opportunity for learning and change
  • Resolution of conflict belongs primarily to those most affected
  • Young people have the capacity to address and repair the harm they have caused
  • Restorative practices are opportunities for participants to be active in their own and each other’s learning and healing



  • provides opportunities for participation in a safe and respectful process
  • facilitates youth initiated agreements as a commitment to moving forward
  • is committed to the use of constructive, non-stereotyping language
  • requires purposeful preparation of all participants
  • is committed to identifying significant adult support for all youth participants
  • is committed to involvement of the community


Collaborating Organizations

Calgary Youth Probation/City of Calgary Mennonite Central Committe (MCC) Carya